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Message from the President:


The Sussex-Wantage Historical Society now has its own Museum.  Located at the Sussex Borough Community & Cultural Center, 37 Main Street, Sussex, NJ 07461.  It is open on Sundays, weather permitting, from 12PM - 3PM.


I founded the Sussex-Wantage Historical Society on March 8, 2015.  I have lived in Wantage Township and currently live in Sussex Borough and thought that an area with such a rich history should have representation in the County along with the other Historic Societies. 


We are a small society now but we have some lofty goals. 


I would like to see the T.J. Dunn fountain base that used to be on Walling Avenue but is now in pieces at the Sussex Borough Garage brought into T.J. Dunn Community Park and reassembled for display. 


I would like to find the 2 missing fountain columns that belong to that base as well as the fountain base on Munson and Walnut Street in Sussex Borough and install them back where they belong.  They have been missing for some time now and I have come up empty so far as to finding clues as to where they could be. 


I want to make people aware of all of the historic destinations in Wantage Township and the history that is shared between Wantage and Sussex. I hope that many of you will share these goals with me.

This is just a few of the things that I would like to accomplish but to do any of it we need people to become members so we can grow.  We will need ready and willing volunteers so that when a project comes along we are ready to take it on.  We live in a wonderful area where history abounds.  Let’s keep preserving history and moving history forward together.

I hope that you enjoy this site. Be sure to look thru the picture gallery and take a step back in time. 


There is a donation button on this page.  I hope that you will consider using it to make a tax deductible donation today to help fund our growth and projects and/or go to the Membership page and become a member.

Mario Poggi - President

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